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Guardians of the Tide

The ocean world of Nix is held in contention by its three moons. Mountainous tides follow in their wake and only the diligent watch of the Guardians of the Tide enables civilization to persist.

But while they chase the heavens, a dark new threat is growing deep in the Nether Sea at the core of Nix. Not even the Guardians may be strong enough to protect existence from its touch.

The unique gifts of an orphan named Aust may be all that can save the world from spiraling into Oblivion. Throughout his life, he will wear many names.

Orphan King. Waverunner. Tidal Born. But all lead to one destiny,

Guardian of the Tide.

Begin Aust's story with the first installment of this fantasy series,
Moonrise's Call.

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When the moons rise over the endless seas of Nix, they bring only destruction. Three moons hold the ocean world under their sway and imbalanced by their erratic orbits. Immense waves called Moontides follow in their wake, washing away any attempt at civilization.


Amid the chaos, an orphan named Aust survives by his wits and the help of a sloppy Dredge Eel named Funk. He is named Orphan King for protecting the children abandoned upon the floating village of the Barges. But his ability to do so is about to be tested, and it will take everything he has and more.


A Moontide like no other is coming, and the world of Nix will never be the same. As a world of water, change is inevitable, but not even the legendary Guardians of the Tide will be able to protect them when moonrise comes.


Aust the Orphan King will be summoned by the tides and the waves of fate to be more than he ever thought possible, but only if he can heed the Moonrise’s Call and unlock the secrets inside.

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