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Song of the Rising Deep - Cover Reveal

A lot has happened to the world of Nix since the events in Moonrise’s Call, and Aust the Orphan King is once again faced with burdens beyond his strength to carry. But, as before, he will have no choice but to rise to the occasion.

Aided by Funk, his Dredge Eel sidekick, of course.

Song of the Rising Deep is the upcoming second installment of my Guardians of the Tide series, and I’m excited to reveal my new favorite cover.

New to the Guardians of the Tide series?

Subscribe to my newsletter for a free copy of Moonrise's Call, Guardians of the Tide #1, here.

I would greatly appreciate any book 1 reviews prior to the new release.

Have you already taken the plunge into the world of Nix with Moonrise’s Call? You can experience a sample of what’s to come with the Chapter One Preview of Song of the Rising Deep here.

Members of my review team will receive early access through ARC copies (Advanced Reader Copies) of Song of the Rising Deep prior to release and will have a chance to enter to win the first autographed copy.

Stay tuned for the official release date.

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