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I began Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt in 2010 when I moved into my first house. By year two I was building my own props and designing scenes, bringing nightmares into reality.


Then someone mentioned that the best haunts always have a backstory. And the author in me grinned.

That year the first story of Ravenfell Manor was written, and the lore has only grown since.


Discover the enchantment of Ravenfell Manor in this dark fantasy short story series.

Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins

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Amazon Review

"A book that is hard to put down, you need to know more and more about this family. Compelling dark and a wonderful fantasy world."

"Uniquely Dark"
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Every year as the veil between worlds weakens, a slumbering darkness stirs. Few know the story of its origin or the mysterious family who stalk those haunted grounds, but the name alone elicits an icy chill in those who have witnessed Ravenfell Manor's return. But how did such dark magic come to be?


When a curious raven peers beyond the veil, he is forever transformed. However, his new gifts threaten the boundary between the world of the living and dead while providing the only means to save it. Yet, he cannot do so alone. His journey will spawn the magical bloodline of the Ravenfells as he stands against the forces of death to prevent them from consuming the living world.


Contained within these pages are the haunting tales of the Raven King's rise, the origin of the Ravenfell family, and the dark legacy that has followed them through the ages.

The Peculiar Raven
The Raven's Fel
The Harvest of Souls (Formerly titled The Rise of a Matriarch)
Dark Heart of Ravenfell
The Peculiar Raven Cover
The Ravens Fel
The Rise of a Matriarch
Dark Heart of Ravenfell

For more information on the annual rise of Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt and its seasonal festivities, click the link below to visit the official website.

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