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Intro to the Ocean World of Nix.

How one story led to the creation of a new world.

While writing my first novel, Rise of Tears, I cleared my mind by swimming laps at the community pool. My experiences and the people I met there are the foundation for the world of Nix in my Guardians of the Tide series. Many of the characters and parts of the story are inspired by my summer days there.

For those who have read the first installment, Moonrise’s Call, the inspiration for Funk, the rambunctious Dredge Eel with a penchant for making messes should be fairly obvious. There were more days than I care to count when the pool was closed thanks to an “accident.” And the running joke ended up taking on a life of its own as Funk.

The inspiration for the main character Aust was pivotal in helping me complete the Tears of Hatsunae series arc and in turn, helping me tie up the end for Rise of Tears. Later events helped solidify the character of Aust and the journey he would take through his own Guardians of the Tide series. Even the brothers, Tritt and Nace, are inspired. Although, I confess their contentious relationship is greatly exaggerated from the real-life dynamic that created them.

The change of environment always helped to recharge my creativity. And in the process, my mind absorbed everything and used it to create the world of Nix. A world where a bad boy lifeguard with a heart of gold used his talent for tidal wave sized splashes to entertain the kids. Where two amazing young brothers contended with the stirrings of sibling rivalry. A place where everyone was connected through the water.

The ocean world of Nix is a place of constant change and transformation. The overabundance of a single element means there is very little to balance water’s influence on Nix’s people. This effect allowed for adaptability and change when the world was balanced during earlier eras. But after a past cataclysm, Nix is in a state of chaos.

The three moons which once held the liquid orb of Nix in balance have been thrown into erratic orbits. The forces that kept the mercurial world stable now aid in its destruction. Mountainous waves called Moontides follow in the wake of the three moons, Tethis, Arathis, and Mathis. The ancient civilization crumbled before the Moontides until only impermanent floating towns remain.

The survivors are migratory by necessity. They follow the currents with the seasons and avoid most of the moons’ damage. But the people of Nix, like water, are easily influenced. Many have taken the chaos into themselves. Adults grow Wavelost, their minds enslaved by the pull of the currents as they wander the seas aimlessly. Responsibility and commitment are rare things in a world so ephemeral, and children are orphaned at obscene levels.

And amidst this backdrop, a rambunctious boy with a heroic streak rose from mere orphan to Orphan King. But that is only the beginning. Through his life, Aust will wear many names. Orphan King. Waverunner. Tidal Born.

But all lead to one destiny, Guardian of the Tide.

Begin Aust's story with the first installment of the series, Moonrise's Call.

eBook format available free for newsletter sign ups.

Or you can purchase through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Signed print copies coming to website soon.)

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I very much enjoyed reading the blog on Nix and Aust and how the story came into being. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us.

13 févr. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you. There is plenty more hidden around this site as well.

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