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My spooky August Transformation.

It is almost August (my birthday month) and almost time for my mind to wander to the chill of autumn air and savor the instinctual dread humankind feels as the sun withdraws, and the world of life submits to the season of death. And I contribute to it a bit.

Why do I rush into autumn so soon? Because it takes that long to prepare my seasonal obsession. Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt. Every year I craft nightmares and bring them into reality for my local community for Halloween. I don't do gore. I create dark enchantment. Ravenfell Manor is a world outside of the Brand J. Alexander Universe, but the stories rise from the same potential. Only I bring these stories into reality for a short period each year. Every creation in Ravenfell Manor has a story. And I am always anxious to tell them.

On top of the yard haunt I run a Food Drive through the entire month of October to stock the local food pantry leading into the holidays. We collected 541.4 lbs. of donations last year. Which means we have a big record to beat in 2019.

In 2018 I released the first of the Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins. The Rise of a Matriarch highlighted the new Harvest of Souls scene rebuild for that year and told the origin story of Katerina Ravenfell, the mistress behind the dark harvest.

But for 2019 I will delve even further back into the Ravenfell's dark history to the very beginning. I have two short stories completed for publishing this year as Ravenfell Manor rises from the shadows. The first is kind of a grim fairy tale style. The second to come shortly after will tap into the true horror and evil at the heart of the family.

Some who have walked the manor grounds on Halloween claim to see a mysterious creature. A blending of man and bird, there one minute and gone the next. Few know his name. Raven King.

Neither spirit nor creature, but trapped somewhere in between. This is his story as much as the Ravenfells for they are one and the same. The dark magic of the Ravenfell family began with nothing more than a Peculiar Raven.

You can preorder your copy of The Peculiar Raven below. Official release Aug. 1st.

Don't forget the Harvest of Souls is coming once more.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can catch up on The Rise of a Matriarch at link below.

If you would like to discover more about Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt, the event behind these stories, you can check it out at the links below.



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