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Recent Read Review - The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett

A unique world with interesting characters tied neatly in a bow with a thread of humor.

First off, where can I get my own violent, hungry luggage? I don’t travel much, but the extra security that would provide might be the encouragement I need. One of my favorite characters, well besides the camera troll.

So, what is the plot of this oddly amusing book? I am not actually sure if there’s a definitive answer to that. It is more an adventure of happenstance than a quest of purpose. Stuff just happens. But that stuff revolves around several characters: a wizard who is barely a wizard and doesn’t cast spells, a tourist from a distant land who is strangely prescient while simultaneously completely oblivious to the dangers and struggles they face, and a stereotypical barbarian who offers an interesting insight into the mind of one of fantasy’s many stereotypical barbarians.

What starts with a tour of a new land in a seemingly dangerous city turns into a series of escalating accidents and calamities forcing the characters into deeper and more dangerous bungles.

The story likes to jump around a bit, reminding me of watching season 1 of The Witcher. Something happens, but I am unsure how it connects until three sections later, when everything finally starts to line up. Not a bad thing. I just wondered what was going on a few times.

The ending? Well, like the plot, it doesn’t really have an ending. It is more of an opening into

another story brought by circumstance. So, I can’t say there is a huge payoff at the end, but it is a particularly short book, and it caught my attention enough to delve deeper into the bizarre lore and adventures of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

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