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My Current Creations.

As my universe unfolds to its potential, I focus in on several points within the infinite expanse, worlds and events with great consequence for all of creation. The stories must be told. Their fates must be given words and substance. They are only the first of many.

Here are my release goals for this upcoming year. The stories are finished but in different states of editing.

My primary goal for 2019 is to release Part 1of my debut novel Tears of Hatsunae, A Rise of Tears. Discover the fate of the first living world within my universe, Elerea. Prologue for the upcoming book is available on the homepage. It just returned from the editor the other day.


Shards of Oblivion

When the first whispers of creation befouled the perfect beauty of the infinite void, something awoke in response. The Great Father of creation is not the only force that will dictate the fate of this universe. A war will be waged for all of existence. And the first battles begin here, through the "Shards of Oblivion."

Three separate lives on three separate worlds will be revealed through a trilogy of short story series. Each tale is a glimpse into their lives and their struggle against the awakening forces of Oblivion.

Details on each series below.

Series #1

The Guardians of the Tide takes place upon the ocean world of Nix. It follows the life of an orphan boy named Aust as he faces an unforgiving world off-balance and careening towards Oblivion. Three moons hold sway over the endless Nixian seas driving immense destructive Moontides across the planet. Civilization, or what remains of it, clings on despite such forces. But a darkness grows in the Nether Sea at Nix's core, and only the strong will survive to face what will rise from the depths.

Look for the first in the Guardians of the Tide series, Moonrise's Call, available now on Amazon Kindle.

Zevaesha forged herself into a weapon using the horrors and abuse of her life in order to survive. With every life she takes, a bit of her is lost to the shadow within, shielding her from feelings of pain or regret. It is her peculiar gift and she used it to become the perfect assassin, the Mistress of Shadows. But something has shaken her dark heart, an emotion so strong even the shadow at her core cannot shield her from it. After a lifetime of cold uncaring cruelty, the mistress will seek the light. An assassin, marked by the blood of thousands, will set off on a journey across time to see if redemption is even possible for one such as she. But in her attempt, Zevaesha will learn truths more horrific than anything she has ever faced, and it will take everything she has to not be consumed by the darkness within. Can a shadow seek the light? Can blood stained hands ever be washed clean? Only by facing the truths of who she is can Zevaesha discover the answers to those questions and more.

The Mistress of Shadows #1 Beginning's End- Coming soon.

The third Shard of Oblivion, Earth Warden series, is still in the writing process. Details to come.

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