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Intro to Brand's Portal Room #2

A picture of my desk and workspace.
This is where the magic of creation happens.

Welcome to my secluded writing sanctuary. It is from this spot that I weave all the worlds I share with you. While it may not look like it, this spot is surrounded by the building blocks of creation.

Points of notice.

1. My laptop is where I do all of my writing unless it's notes. Current page is open to the Aconite Cafe on Discord where fans can come and chat with me during my morning coffee. Directly to the left of the laptop is the crucial aforementioned coffee. Fuel for Creation.

2. The board directly in front of the laptop began as my Elerea map board. But it has grown into a treasure trove of self-publishing notes and numerous secrets regarding the Tears of Hatsunae series.

Wouldn't you like a closer peek at that?

3. Directly to the right of my laptop is a cubby hole with all the notebooks on my current series and a few on ones coming up. It is an even bigger treasure trove of secrets and spoilers than the noteboard. And a huge glimpse into what is to come in the Brand J Alexander Universe. So much to come.

4. Above the white calendar to the right of my chair is another shelf shared by a few plush dragons. That one contains all of the notes from my Fate Weaver series (A series I have been working on for over 10 years.) as well as all of my rough drafts for old stories and writing in progress. Once more it holds a glimpse into the future for my universe, because after Elerea I plan to visit Mansaliar.

5. And standing above it all is my plush Dragodoon. I got him for my first Christmas. My mother used to make up bedtime stories about him for me when I was little. After more than three decades and a run in with a novel eating pig, my childhood companion is still here helping me explore the boundaries of magic and imagination.

I wonder where his wings will carry me tomorrow?

Thank you for showing interest in the place I write. I would love to hear any questions you may have about anything I didn't cover. I hope to go a little deeper into my workspace with the next Intro to My Portal Room. Maybe even a closer look at some of these notes.

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