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Intro to Brand's Portal Room #1

Since I began reading fantasy before I began writing fantasy, it seemed fitting that the intro to the place I write begins with the books I surround myself with, the worlds where it all started. I'll break down the following pictures into the most important pieces. But I would happily accept any questions about anything I don't cover. Or even follow ups to things I did.

Top half of shelf

Starting with the very top from left to right. The black dragon sentinel is wearing my pink "I kicked cancer's ass" crown that I got from my infusion nurses on the last day of chemo. The black egg came from New York, gift shop in the Waldorf Estoria. The pumpkin is Katerina's Soul Gourd from "The Rise of a Matriarch. I made it last year then I did the rebuild for the Harvest of Souls scene for Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt. My favorite dragon skull sculpture. Still debating on hanging it from the wall. And the blue vase I bought my husband on our 1 month anniversary containing the dried petals to the roses I gave him in it.

1st book shelf level is where I keep my favorite author Robert Jordan and the man who finished his work and caught my interest in the process, Brandon Sanderson. Of course my top shelf wouldn't be complete without my first full-length novel Rise of Tears. The two notable items on this shelf are the wand in the middle and the goblet on the far right. Both were souvenirs from a trip to New York where I insisted on visiting an old Witchcraft store.

2nd bookshelf is entirely populated with Terry Brooks. He ranks up there with Robert Jordan and Sanderson as my favorite authors. Of course another favorite author is represented with my very first book in print form, Moonrise's Call. In the center is my Dragon Prince sculpture I have kept with me for almost 20 years even though it came from an ex. And on the far right is my T-Rex tooth that I got from the Field Museum during a behind the scenes tour when I was a kid.

And now for the bottom of the book shelf.

Bottom Bookshelves 3 through 5

3rd shelf or Top shelf in the above picture. Irene Radford's Glass dragon series. They were okay books. They are mostly front and center because I had a Glass Dragon. The key authors of note here are David Eddings, David Farland, and Raymond E Feist. All three I have enjoyed quite a bit but have not completed all of their series.

3rd shelf objects of note- The porcelain rose I bought for my husband when I told him I loved him. The castle my mother decorated to be the cake topper for our Fantasy themed wedding cake. The little figures on it are just my D&D models.

4th shelf authors- Terry Goodkind, Melanie Rawn (Love the cover-art so much), Lev Grossman, and a series by Douglas Niles in Forgotten Realms.

4th shelf Objects- The Gargoyle I really just thought was cool and bought when we were first decorating the office. And then two pictures of (you guessed it) me and my husband.

5th and final shelf authors. It's a mix. Anne Rice from when I was a teenager. Anne Mccaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Kirsten Britain, George R. R. Martin, Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman,(Speaking of which I need to get the Death Gate Cycle again.) and Tad Williams.

The Treasure chest on the 5th shelf I have had for longer than I can remember. It has held keepsakes and jewelry, mementos from past loves. Recently we used it as the cash donation box for Ravenfell Manor.

I like to build my world around me from the pieces of my life. If you look closely, I carry the same trend in my writing. Much of the world that surrounds my heroes is also a part of who they are.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my world. I would love to hear any questions you might have on it. And hopefully I will be returning with Part 2 of Intro to Brand's Portal Room.

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