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The Darkness is Rising

Every August, my imagination is drawn into a world of dark enchantment. A world of my own creation. Ravenfell Manor is unique among my creations because it can be visited through more than stories alone. If only for a short time around Halloween.

While that may seem far off, it takes a lot to bring my visions into reality. So much, in fact, that I have a social media presence built around the design and construction of my annual gallery of crafted nightmares. Don’t worry. I keep writing too.

I made a childhood vow to have the scariest house on the block once I had my own yard. What began that first year as a few hastily purchased props has grown into a series of stories and a multi-scene immersion into the world of the Ravenfells.

Ravenfell Manor is more than just yard décor. It is a community event. A food drive to stock the local pantry. Even a haunted Ghoul Cart Parade. Don’t forget the kids’ favorites—the walkthrough and Trick or Treat.

It is also my inspiration for a series that exists outside of the Universe of Brand J. Alexander—Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins. A collection of four haunting tales exploring the dark origins of Ravenfell Manor and the powerful family whose name it bears.

You can follow the annual transformation of Ravenfell Manor on Facebook and Instagram.

Or, if you’re curious about the story behind this dark fantasy world, you can buy it on sale from 8/2 - 8/9 for over 50% off on and

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't not allow me to offer sale prices in other markets yet. But it is still available on all Amazon marketplaces.

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