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Song of the Rising Deep Autographed Paperback

The Guardians watched the heavens for danger.

Never suspecting it would rise from below.


The Twin Moontide broke the world of Nix for a second time—a final blow to what remained of civilization. In the aftermath, the world of orphaned children and ignored suffering somehow grew crueler and more unforgiving still. Yet, Aust the Orphan King struggles on, sustaining his small kingdom of abandoned rejects with all he has.


But the breaking of Nix was only the beginning. An urgent warning from Rayatha Seasinger portends a new approaching doom, and the Guardians of the Tide are nowhere in sight.

An ominous song emanates from deep within the Nether Sea. With every note, it rises.


A song of change. A song of destruction.


To survive, Aust will have to cast aside old enmities and forge unexpected alliances. But learning to trust is not so easy for the Orphan King, and for good reason.

Song of the Rising Deep Autographed Paperback

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