Me. In a Nutshell.

So, if you frequent this site, you’ll see I’m new here. Well, that’s not exactly true, I’ve been around the website and a fan of the books in Brand’s universe for a few years now, but I’m newly posting here. Hi, I’m Jess.

I wanted to do a bit more to help authors I enjoy reading. I thought, “Why not a blog?”. But then I realized I’m not exactly savvy on how to build, maintain, design, whatever, a website for that kind of thing. Honestly, for ANY kind of thing, lol. Enter Brand in his graciousness and helpfulness, offering me the option to maybe build a following on an already active website. And in turn, it will likely (hopefully) help him as well. More traffic, more chance to see what an amazing set of worlds he has built. But enough about him!

I am a mother, a baker, a family-oriented person who is opinionated, sassy, salty and sarcastic. So, if you don’t like that, you won’t like what I write. Fair warning!

Anyway – I’m going to pull up my big girl britches and review my most recently read book now. Ya’ll have fun. Check out the rest of Brand’s site. He’s got sweet products for sale as well as his books. If you want slightly to maybe more than slightly creepy, read Ravenfell. If you want epic fantasy on land, read the Tears series and if you want epic fantasy in a world of water, read Guardians of the Tide. Whatever you read, enjoy and come back to visit any time.

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