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June Book Deals

Check out the newsfeed each month for a list of all the book deals I join through my newsletter. It's a great way to fill up those TBR piles.

If you want to experience the additional content from the Universe of Brand J. Alexander Newsletter, you can sign up for it here.

First up, we have some carry-over deals from last month.

Facing Down Monsters giveaway is available thru June 15th.

Beyond Imagination giveaway is available thru June 12th.

And now for June's new deals.

Summertime All-Genre Fantasy Giveaway

On the Path to Greatness Fantasy Giveaway

In honor of the Indie Fantasy Addicts Summer Reading Challenge, we have a host of new deals available for this month. Check out their Facebook group. The summer challenge is a great time for those who enjoy sharing their love of fantasy. (The banners below look alike, but each one has different books and deals available.)

Summer Reading Challenge Free Reads

IFA Summer Reading Challlenge Sales Promo

The next 2 promos begin June 4th. But you can look at the books available beforehand.

IFA Summer Reading Challenge Free Reads #2

IFA Summer Reading Challenge Sales Promo #2

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